How to Buy Gift Cards using Cardano? How to spend Cardano in our daily life?

Below are 4 easy steps to spend your Cardano ($ADA) in your daily life with 400+ brands of gift cards such as Amazon, Apple, Airbnb, Home Depot, Delta Airline, LL Bean, REI, Roblox, Target, etc.

Step 1: Visit to find the gift card(s) you want to purchase.

  • Need suggestions? You can pick cards from the popular section on the home page.
  • Want to explore? You can use the menu bar to navigate categories (Ecommerce & Retail, Food & Restaurant, etc.) you are interested in.
  • Know what you want? You can use the search bar to enter keywords to find your gift card.

Step 2: View product details and enter the purchase amount.

  • Some gift cards allow you to customize the card value amount within a price range, while some offer different value options for you to choose from.
  • You can select one or more for a gift card.
  • After entering the purchase amount, you can add the gift card to your shopping cart or continue to check out.

Step 3: Checkout with the crypto payment and proceed with your coin wallet safely and seamlessly

  • At the checkout page, you have two Cardano payment providers to choose: Rocketfuel and Coinify. Their only difference is the spread, which could vary, especially when the crypto market is volatile. Typically, we are looking at 2%~3% spread for both payment providers.

  • Piggy Cards values the security of your personal information as a prime priority. It only collects your names, country/states and verifies your email address to ensure you will receive your digital gift cards. We don’t require Know Your Customer (KYC).

  • By clicking the Checkout button, you will open the secured and direct page accessing your coin wallets to proceed with payment by mobile phone or desktop gateway.

Step 4 Coinify Checkout Page

If you choose Coinify as the payment provider:

In the “Select Crypto” section, please click on the drop-down menu or type “cardano” in the search bar

Then, the page will ask you to put in your return Cardano wallet address in case of any error

The last page will then show how many Cardano you should send to the wallet address provided on the screen

Step 4 Rocketfuel Checkout Page

If you choose Rockfuel as the payment provider:

In the “Please Select Crypto” section, please type “cardano” in the search bar and left click “Cardano”

The page will then show how many Cardano you should send to the wallet address provided on the screen

Step 5: Receive emails of your order confirmation and digital gift cards.

  • Once the payment is confirmed, which could take 1-5 minutes, you will receive an email to confirm the order was placed and find your order number immediately.

  • You will receive a fast follow-up email to find your purchased gift card(s) and make a download with the secured PIN.
Receive gift card in email

Hope you have a great purchase with Cardano and enjoy your gift cards!

On top of Cardano $ADA, Piggy Cards also supports 150+ different types of cryptocurrencies: BitcoinEthereumCardanoBitcoin CashBitcoin SVDogecoinPolkadotLitecoinNanoOmiseGoPaxos Standard TokenQtumSolanaTronTrue USDUSD CoinTetherVoyager TokenStellar, or other payment methods.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Piggy Cards at

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