How to spend Solana in your daily life? How to Buy Gift Cards using Solana?

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Solana lovers! If you would like to spend Solana in your daily life, or if you have some spare Solana in your favorite wallets like Phantom, the great news is that Piggy.Cards now accept Solana as a payment to buy 400+ brands of digital gift cards! This also means you can use Solana to buy an iPhone, an REI tent (5.5% off), a L.L. Bean cloth (5.5% off), your next Airbnb stay (2% off), or your next flight (2~3% off), etc.

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Below are five easy steps from shopping for digital gift cards on Piggy Cards using Solana!

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Piggy.Cards Twitter $20 Coupon

Step 2: Visit to find the gift card(s) you want to purchase.

  • Need suggestions? You can pick cards from the popular section on the home page.
  • Want to explore? You can use the menu bar to navigate the categories (Ecommerce & Retail, Food & Restaurant, etc.) you are interested in.
  • Know what you want? You can use the search bar to enter keywords to find your gift card.
Piggy.Cards homepage

Step 3: View product details and enter the purchase amount.

  • Some gift cards allow you to customize the card value amount within a price range, while some offer different value options for you to choose from.
  • You can select one or more for each gift card.
  • After entering the purchase amount, you can add the gift card to your shopping cart or continue to check out.
Product details

Step 4: Checkout with the crypto payment you prefer and proceed with your coin wallet safely and seamlessly

Product checkout
  • If the transaction amount exceeds $20, you could choose more than bitcoins ($BTC). Simply click on the “select crypto” drop-down menu
Crypto wallet: Choose Solana in the drop-down menu
Choose Solana in the drop-down menu

Step 4: Receive emails of your order confirmation and digital gift cards.

  • You will receive an email to confirm the order was placed and find your order number immediately.
  • You will receive a follow email in a few minutes to find your purchased gift card(s) and make a download with the secured PIN.
Receive gift card by an email

Hope you have a great purchase with crypto and enjoy your gift cards!

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