Piggy Cards Canada Now Offers LCBO, Roblox, Razer Gold, Twitch, and Many Other Digital Gift Cards

Hello, our dear customers in Canada, Piggy Cards Canada now offers the following digital gift cards: Brand Name Category Denomination Type Denominations Discount H&M Apparel & Beauty Variable $25 – $500 4.35% Razer Gold Entertainment & Game Variable $10 – $500 4.35% Roblox Entertainment & Game Fixed $15, $25, $50, $100 4.35% Twitch Entertainment & … Read more

Piggy Cards Canada Now Offers Airbnb and Marshalls Digital Gift Cards

Hello, our customers in Canada,   Do you enjoy traveling with your friends and families? If yes, Piggy Cards now offer 2% off on Airbnb gift cards in $50~$500 denominations! You can buy a smaller denomination for your kids or more significant denominations for future use or as a holiday gift!  Check out the link above and … Read more

Crypto crashed after Binance CZ said they could not acquire FTX.com

Today Binance CZ said they could not acquire FTX.com. How much did FTX.com leverage? It must be a lot, to the extent that even if CZ wants to save FTX, he couldn’t. This is what CZ said earlier today: $FTX crashed instantly $SOL Solana also crashed $BTC & $ETH Ethereum are brutally murdered too I … Read more

Crypto News for the Week of Nov 6: Solana, Polygon, Dogecoins, and Fidelity Crypto Trading

Written by Piggy Cards, where you can spend 26 different types of crypto, including Solana, Polygon, and Dogecoin, to buy 400+ brands of gift cards 1. Google Cloud is running a block-producing Solana validator to participate in and validate the network. The Solana price shoots up.  2. Polygon soars after its blockchain adoption by JPMorgan … Read more