The $51-$1000 face value US Visa Prepaid Cards (NO $4.95 card activation fees) are available again!

1. Here is the product link

    2. As of June 5th, 2024, has started to require a phone number (but no other information) to activate each $51~$1000 Visa prepaid card, and each phone number can only activate one card every 30 days. There is no restriction on Visa prepaid cards worth $50 or less. For more details, please see our blog post.

    Please note that Piggy Cards does not collect and save your phone number. The phone number info is only collected by MyGiftCard Redemption.

    3. Some customers reported that once they clicked on card activation link, an error message will show up in the page: “A system error has occurred. Please try again later.” 

    If this error happens, please try the following steps:

    3.a. Please try the method in our Youtube video here.

    3.b. If you used VPN, we recommended to turn it off and try again.  

    3.c. If you used your mobile phone, we recommended to turn off the Wi-Fi and used the mobile data and try again. 

    3.d. If you are using a desktop, try to use your mobile phone in Step 3.

    Please let us know if these methods work, or you have any more questions.


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