Is Chewy the same as PetSmart? Can you use Chewy gift cards at PetSmart or vice versa?

Many pet owners wonder if they buy PetSmart gift cards from  (5.88% off), can they use the PetSmart gift cards at Chewy?  Are these two companies the same?

The short answer is No.

Petsmart acquired Chewy back in 2017. However, PetSmart split from Chewy again in 2020, so they are two independent companies now. Therefore, even though BC Partners still owns both Petsmart and Chewy, you cannot use Petsmart gift cards at Chewy and vice versa. 

Now, the next question many pet owners ask is, does Piggy.Cards offer Chewy gift cards? Sadly Chewy currently doesn’t partner with third parties for gift cards, but we will keep you posted if there are any updates!

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