How to buy Nintendo eShop gift cards using crypto and save more?

Do you like Nintendo’s most popular games, such as Mario kart, Animal Crossing, etc.? The good news is that Nintendo will have many big games released in the coming months, but Nintendo is still NOT accepting crypto as payment for their products. However, what if we told you there are still ways for you to shop in the eShop with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum? This article will discuss how you can buy anything from the Nintendo eShop with your favorite cryptocurrency through Piggy Cards (Sign up now to get $100 credits!). Here is a simple two-step guide to shopping the Nintendo eShop with crypto:

Step 1: Buy a Nintendo eShop gift card from our website using the cryptocurrency of your choice. (9.4% off when you sign up)

Feel free to follow our steps in “How to Buy an Apple Gift Card using Crypto?”

Piggy Cards supports 26 cryptocurrencies: SolanaBitcoinEthereumCardanoBitcoin CashBitcoin SVDogecoinPolkadotLitecoinNanoOmiseGoPaxos Standard TokenQtumTronTrue USDUSD CoinTetherVoyager TokenStellar.

Step 2: Add the digital Nintendo eShop gift card to your Nintendo account and start shopping & playing!

Once you receive your Nintendo digital gift card from Piggy Cards via email, click on “view gift card,” and you will see the gift card on the next page.

Copy the card number, add it to your Nintendo account (, and you are all set to start shopping & playing!

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