How to join Piggy Cards Affiliate Program (Referral Program) & earn passive income?

1. How to join Piggy Cards Affiliate Program & earn passive income? Do you have to pay any fees as an affiliate/ marketing partner? 

Nope. There are no fees, no deposit, and no need to buy gift cards in advance. Just sign up for an account, get a referral link from the “My Account” page and start to refer! We will share profits from all your referrals’ spending!

The following are the steps to join our affiliate program.

Step 1. Click the Signup Link and complete the registration form. 

Step 2. Go to your email box and activate your account.

Step 3. On “My account” page, click “Affiliate program” menu on the left side, and click the “Activate affiliate program” button to join our affiliate program once the page is loaded.

Step 4. Copy your referral link and share it with your followers and friends. Once your followers make any registrations and transactions, you will track your referral transactions on this page.

2. How can I receive my referral bonus? 

Our partner will obtain cash back, which can only be used to purchase gift cards on our website

3. How can I introduce to my followers and friends?

Feel free to post your referral link to your social media with some nice words and highlight the referral credits they will get upon signing up. 

For instance: which is a digital gift card online mall, provides a limited-time offer to my channel. Please feel free to sign up via this referral link and earn $50 in Credits Today.

4. What might be the typical breakdown of the annual recurring referral income of 20 new registered users? 

In the following table, the left side is the monthly spending of one user, and the right side is the corresponding annual referral bonus generated. In total, $1800 annual referral earnings are generated from 20 registered users in this projection.

5. Why is our offer more competitive?

Our cashback policy makes us outstanding in the market and maintains excellent customer loyalty in the long run. Consequently, in the short term, you can quickly attract more followers to signup on to our platform, and in the long term, the loyal users will shop more and contribute more referral bonuses.

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