How to buy a Visa Vanilla prepaid gift card using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, USDT, USDC from Piggy.Cards?

Would you like to spend your crypto in your daily life? One of the ways is to buy a prepaid Visa gift card using crypto, and then you can spend your prepaid Visa gift card on US merchants that accept Visa! 

You can now buy Prepaid Visa Vanilla Gift Cards with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Dogecoin, Polkadot, Litecoin, Nano, OmiseGo, Paxos Standard Token, Qtum, Solana, Tron, True USD, USD Coin, Tether, Voyager Token, Stellar at Piggy.Cards here

Step 1: How to buy prepaid Visa Vanilla gift cards with Crypto?

Please follow the steps here ( to buy Prepaid Visa Vanilla gift cards.

After the crypto payment is processed successfully, you will receive an email (Figure 1) where you can redeem your prepaid Visa Vanilla gift card.

Figure 1. Piggy.Cards Visa Vanilla gift card redemption email

Step 2. Card Activation

Click on “view gift card” in Figure 1, and it will bring you to the next page (Figure 2)

Figure 2. Visa redemption page

Click on “Click here to view your Visa gift card” and it will bring you to the card information page. The 16 digits card number, expiration date, and CVV (click on the card to reverse the card and obtain the CVV) will appear in Figure 3. You are ready to use the card online, or store it in your digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, and use the card in physical stores. 

Figure 3. Card Activation

If you see an error message “A system error has occurred. Please try again later”, please try the following steps:

1. Please try the method in our Youtube video here.

2. If you used VPN, we recommended to turn it off and try again.  

3. If you used your mobile phone, we recommended to turn off the Wi-Fi and used the mobile data and try again. 

4. If you are using a desktop, try to use your mobile phone in Step 3.


There are some limitations on this Visa Vanilla prepaid card:

(1) 6-month expiration. Card valid for up to 6 months; unused funds will be forfeited after the valid thru date.

(2) Country limitation

Your Virtual Account is valid in the U.S. and the District of Columbia only. It cannot be used at merchants outside of the United States, including Internet and mail/telephone order merchants outside of the United States.

(3) rejection might reject this card. If you prefer to shop at, we recommend to purchase Amazon gift cards directly here

(4) Your Virtual Account cannot be used to obtain cash at an ATM or any purchase transaction.

(5) No cash access or recurring payments. 

(6) Non-Reloadable: No additional funds may be added to this Virtual Account by you or the Corporate Sponsor.

(7) Third parties may impose additional limitations.  

(8) Load Limitations: Maximum Virtual Account balance at any time Limit: $10,000

(9) Daily purchase Limitations: no user can purchase over $2,000 of this card per person per day

More questions?  
Please check our FAQ page (link: ) for more details. If you cannot find an answer, please contact

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