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Cineplex is the largest motion picture exhibitor in Canada and owns, leases or has a joint-venture interest in 130 theatres with 1,359 screens serving approximately 70 million guests annually. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Cineplex operates theatres from British Columbia to Quebec and is the exclusive provider of UltraAVX™ and the largest exhibitor of digital, 3D and IMAX projection technologies in the country.

Gift Cards cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash or other cards unless required by law. Gift cards are reloadable. Lost/stolen cards will not be replaced. Damaged card may be replaced by Cineplex in its sole discretion. Scene® points are not issued on the sale of gift cards. Receipt and/or use of this card constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions. Balances available at or 1-800-544-7573.

You can apply credits up to 2.25% to the total price of this card. For example, save up to $2.25 by spending $100.00.




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